Connect Serve and Grow


We find it to be a tremendous opportunity to connect with military women from different areas of the world.  Although we come from various places we share two common denominators and they are our love for the Lord Jesus Christ and our love for the military. 

Let us help you to connect with:

  1. Other spouses whose husbands are deployed
  2. Other military couples for date night with free childcare
  3. Other single military men and women
  4. Other W.I.L.L. ladies abroad


We find it an honor to serve our nation’s armed forces. 

Opportunities to serve:

Thrive On Program (3rd Special Forces Group)

This is a program that allow deployed spouses to come together for  a meal along with their children and then while children are being watch share in deployment related topics that help them to thrive and not just survive.   

NOW  (Newcomers Opportunities  to Worship)

This is the chaplains program that helps Newcomers to Fort Bragg find a place to worship.


Connect with a Season WILL woman for Mentoring

Desiring to have that one on one relationship with some of our season ladies?  We will carefully choose someone that is suitable for you for whatever season you are in.   WILL ladies have years of experience as military spouses, soldiers, civilian employees and more.  Please let us disciple you.

Call us at 910 286-1340 or 396-5350